Some places are friendlier than others, or so they seem. I first visited Ljubljana in 2002 to talk at a conference as a guest of the local stock exchange. I remember very friendly people and excellent food. I had a similar impression travelling with my family last summer on a brief lunch stopover between Hévíz and Trieste. So on this, my third visit, I expected and was pleased to have the same experience.

Despite this corroboration, I wondered whether I just happened to arrive in the right frame of mind each time, or if Ljubljana really was different. That is, does how I am determine how things are for me? I am certainly finding that the more present and open I am, the better my experience in almost all situations. I will continue to experiment with this and may even attempt it on my return to the City!

I had left Sopron late following a search for snow-chains, so I arrived in Ljubljana after dark, but I went looking for reflections anyway. My favourite time for photography is during and just after sunset, as I find the colours saturate, there is more contrast and there are different light temperatures and sources. And, of course, I very much like twilight reflections. As I had missed dusk, I also ventured out early the next morning in -16C to make the most of the sunrise.

The two evening photographs are views of the Ljubljanica river, from the Triple Bridge. The love locks are on the Butchers’ Bridge. The fourth is of a corner of the Central Market Square.


Ljubljanica river, Ljubljana


View from Triple Bridge, Ljubljana


Butchers’ Bridge, Ljubljana


Central Market Square, Ljubljana